What's the story behind HealthPR's founding?
HealthPR was birthed from a personal journey of health and transformation. Our founders, Amit and Puja, embarked on a virtual coaching program and experienced significant health improvements. Not only did they each lose 30 lbs and achieve a toned physique, but they also witnessed incredible changes in their lab results. For instance, Puja's LDL returned to a normal range from previously high levels, and Amit experienced a surge in his testosterone levels. Being doctors themselves, they recognized the challenges in obtaining these lab tests, even for medical professionals. They envisioned a seamless way to bring lab testing into the fitness world, making it accessible and insightful. Thus, HealthPR was born, with a mission to provide data-driven health insights to everyone.

Product Information

What is the Comprehensive Women's Health Test?
    Our Comprehensive Women's Health Test offers a broad spectrum view of essential health markers tailored specifically for women, aiming to provide insights into hormonal balance, cardiovascular health, and vital nutrient levels.

    What does the Comprehensive Men's Health Test cover?
      This kit is designed specifically for men, assessing core hormonal markers, essential vitamins and nutrients, as well as important cardiovascular indicators.

      Is the HealthPR blood test kit equivalent to standard labs?

      Yes, we work with a CLIA/CAP accredited lab that performs extensive validation on each assay to meet federal CLIA requirements.

      Usage & Results
      How do I use the at-home kit?
        Each kit comes with easy-to-follow instructions. Simply collect the required sample using the tools provided, secure it in the pre-paid return package, and send it back. Once received, our lab will process your sample and provide results online.

        How long will it take to get my results?

          After we receive your sample, results are typically available within 5-7 business days. We'll notify you by email/SMS once they're ready.

          I’m having trouble collecting enough blood for the test, what can I do?
          Please ship the sample back, and if the lab determines the quantity of blood is insufficient, they'll send you a free replacement kit.

          I have an abnormal result or a question about my results. 
          Please contact and discuss your results with your doctor or your primary care physician. 

          Safety & Accuracy

          How accurate are the test results?
            Our tests are conducted in state-of-the-art laboratories that adhere to the highest standards. The dried blood spot tests we employ are reliable and have been validated against traditional venipuncture (needle draw) methods. Click here to view the lab bulletins testing accuracy.

            Is my personal information safe?

            Absolutely. Your privacy is our top priority. All results are confidential, and personal data is stored with stringent security measures.

            Order & Shipping

            How long does shipping take?
              Once ordered, your kit should arrive within 3-5 business days. The return shipping, using the pre-paid package, typically takes 2-3 business days.

              Do you ship internationally?
                Currently, we only ship within the U.S and Canada. We're working on expanding our services and will notify our customers when international shipping becomes available. 
                 Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns due to the nature of the services. However reach out to our support team at support@healthpr.co and we will address the issues. 

                Collaboration & Partnership

                I run a fitness center. Can we collaborate?
                  We're always excited to partner with fitness professionals and centers. Please reach out to our partnership team at team@healthpr.co to discuss potential collaboration.


                  What are FSA and HSA accounts?
                  FSA (Flexible Spending Account) and HSA (Health Savings Account) are special savings accounts with tax benefits, exclusively for healthcare expenses. This can range from your health insurance deductibles and copays to other qualified medical costs.

                  What qualifies as a medical expense?
                  Per the IRS's Publication 502, medical expenses encompass costs related to diagnosing, treating, or preventing diseases and any treatment affecting body parts or functions. This broad definition includes items like contact lenses, pregnancy test
                  kits, and more.

                  Can I use my FSA/HSA funds for HealthPR tests?
                  Yes, you typically can! HealthPR tests generally fall within the scope of qualified medical expenses.

                  How do I get reimbursed? We offer itemized receipts for your test orders which you can then forward to your FSA/HSA coordinator for reimbursement. Our receipts provide:

                  • Your name, email, and address.
                  • Purchase date.
                  • Amount paid (post any discounts or promotions).

                  I need a receipt, what should I do? Please send an email to contact@healthpr.com with your order details. Ensure you've registered at least one kit from your order. We aim to provide your receipt within two business days.