A Journey to Wellness: Transforming My Health

A Journey to Wellness: Transforming My Health


2023 stands out as a pivotal chapter in my life. As I approached my 40th birthday, I made a commitment to prioritize my health while navigating the challenges of a full-time career and family life being mother of two young kids. Little did I know this decision would lead to a transformative fitness journey and birth of HealthPR.  


My health journey began in 2003 with a diagnosis of high cholesterol. Despite concerted efforts with numerous personal trainers and adopting healthier eating habits, my LDL cholesterol levels and blood sugar continued to worsen, particularly after the birth of my children. Coupled with severe sacroiliac joint dysfunction and significant diastasis recti, my mental well-being began to suffer, affecting my energy levels and focus on both family and work.

Picture taken 6 months postpartum after the birth of my 2nd child. 

Mental Health: 

In many cultures, particularly within the South Asian community, the emotional challenges that accompany childbirth and the postpartum journey often remain unspoken. Women are encouraged to prioritize their children, leaving little room for discussions about the emotional toll and physical changes they undergo. I, too, found myself swept up in this narrative, pushing aside my own well-being.

For nearly 2.5 years, I chose to ignore the persistent back pain, neglect my changing body, and suppress the internal waves of sadness and depression that stemmed from a lack of genuine happiness with myself. This profound sense of sadness began to cast its shadow over every aspect of my life, impacting not only my personal health but also the relationships and connections that mattered most.

Realizing the need for a change, I found the courage to confront my own well-being. This decision was not just for me; it was for my children and my family. It marked the beginning of a journey towards self-discovery and healing, a journey that acknowledged the importance of my own happiness in the complex tapestry of family life. It was time to break free from the silence, address the unspoken struggles, and prioritize my own emotional and physical well-being.

The Turning Point:

The turning point came at the beginning of 2023 when I stumbled upon a relatable transformative story from a postpartum mother. Inspired and ready for change, I decided to join the same fitness program, even though I was hesitant about virtual coaching.  Unaware of the profound impact it would have on my approach to health and wellness, it was a life changing decision.  

The Challenge of Regular Health Monitoring:

To gain a comprehensive understanding of my progress, I decided to get   blood work every three months to monitor my levels of cholesterol and sugar. However, the conventional means of obtaining these tests posed a significant challenge. In response, my husband and I co-founded HealthPR, an innovative solution aimed at facilitating hassle-free blood work for individuals on a fitness journey.

Innovative Solution - HealthPR:

After 6 months of my health transformation, my co-founder and I launched HealthPR. HealthPR became our answer to the challenges of regular health monitoring. Our goal was to provide a seamless experience for clients like myself, enhancing their fitness journey with accessible and timely health metrics.  HealthPR provides a quick, easy, and efficient way to obtain results in the convenience of your own home.    


The impact of the virtual fitness program I started at the end of Jan. 2023 was nothing short of profound. I successfully lowered my LDL cholesterol from 174 mg/dL to 80 mg/dL. The changes in my levels were as follows: Jan 2023 - 174,mg/dL,  June 2023 - 111 mg/dL, and September 2023 80 mg/dL.  In addition, my blood sugar levels normalized from 5.7 mmol/L to 5.4 mmol/L. However, the true success went beyond the numbers. I experienced a significant boost in mental clarity, energy levels, and overall well-being. Suddenly, I found myself more focused, able to keep up with my kids, and feeling rejuvenated. Honestly, I feel 20 again :) 


My journey was a life-changing experience, transcending mere physical health improvements.  The weight/fat loss has enhanced my mental health and overall lifestyle. Balancing a full-time job and family life, I emerged healthier, stronger, and more empowered. This journey taught me the power of commitment, the importance of innovation, and the transformative impact of embracing a holistic approach to health and wellness.

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